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Building resilience and adaptability as an international professional

Working internationally opens the door to so many exciting opportunities. But it also means having to adapt to new circumstances, usually quite quickly. It can sometimes be difficult to adjust and hit the ground running when entering a different working culture than you’re used to. It takes some time, but you need to build up your resilience to succeed as an international professional. And of course, one of your most attractive skills will be adaptability. Master this, and you can handle any job in any country.

If you’ve accepted a new career and are now preparing to relocate, here are some tips to set you on the right path:

Understand the Company and Consider Language Needs

  • Research Thoroughly: Read up on the company, its history, culture, working hours, holiday time, and other work-related customs in the country you’ll be living in. Start early to avoid any surprises.

  • Language Considerations: While English is often the only language used to communicate with work colleagues, learning the local language can still enhance your personal experience. Apps like Duolingo and Babbel can be fun for learning key phrases.

Get Involved with Company Culture, Local Community, and Find a Support Network

  • Engage with Colleagues: Join groups within your company, ranging from sports to art and literature. Many companies even arrange activities like paddleboard lessons.

  • Build a Support Network: Meeting people within your company with shared interests can offer valuable advice and make you feel at home. Platforms like Facebook groups, Meetup, and Eatwith can be great for connecting.

  • Explore Local Culture: Talk to the locals, visit restaurants, shops, and participate in events to gain insights into daily life and customs. Embrace the new culture.

Consider Housing and Transportation

  • Find Suitable Accommodation: Research the best areas to live that are convenient for your workplace and align with your lifestyle.

  • Understand Transportation: Familiarize yourself with public transportation or consider your options for personal transportation.

Take Care of Legal and Financial Matters

  • Understand Visa Requirements: Ensure that you have the necessary work permits and visas. Consult with your company or a legal expert if needed.

  • Manage Finances: Open a local bank account, understand the tax implications, and consider the cost of living in your new location.

Focus on Health and Well-being

  • Healthcare Considerations: Understand the healthcare system and ensure you have appropriate health insurance.

  • Stay Active and Healthy: Find local gyms, parks, or recreational activities that align with your fitness goals.


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Thanks a zillion time Obaid you are the hero. He is amazing worker and süper helpfull from begining till end. İ apriciate so much. Thanks a lot Logocal Recruitment Team and as I say Obaid you are the best...

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