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Whether you're based in Lisbon or in London, Logical Recruitment Partners can help add value to your recruitment process.


"LRP" has been successfully supplying multi-lingual talent to the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector since 2014. As trusted recruitment partners to some of the worlds' largest BPO's, we have a unique understanding of the journey your candidates go on, making us THE go-to recruitment agency, for all your global multi-lingual needs. 

We understand how difficult it is to hire in the "new normal", we understand your daily challenges and the need to achieve your desired headcounts each month. We understand the desire to move quickly but precisely with your recruitment needs. 

Why do companies use BPOs? 

BPOs provide a valuable resource to some of the biggest companies in the world and unrivaled experience in handling key business functions, impacting hundreds of thousands of people globally, per day.

Logical Recruitment Partners not only understand this but fully support and aid our partner clients' end-to-end recruitment cycle, taking the burden of recruitment off your shoulders, placing it firmly onto ours. 

Transparent Multilingual
Recruitment Solutions. 

We've got you covered. 

No matter what role you're recruiting for, we can help! With experience in Customer Service, Sales, Lead Generation and many more roles, we truly are your Logical Recruitment Partner! 


What we offer you as an "LR-Partner".


We're experts in our field, dedicated to understanding and more importantly - FIXING the recruitment issues and increasing demands from clients you face as a BPO. 


We reduce your time to hire by pre-screening ALL candidates in advance, using thorough competency-based interviewing techniques and language testing .... so you don't have to!  


With over 60 Years' combined experience in recruitment, we offer a full retained search option, to remove a step in the hiring process entirely. Want to save money on in-house recruitment teams with less experience? Let us source for you instead! 


We'll come see you and do all this IN PERSON! We've heard stories of companies who work with local recruiters on their doorstep, who they've NEVER MET!? (We're not joking!) 

We believe in offering a more personal service, so we'll visit you as often as possible, in person, to ensure you know who we are and more importantly, that we get to see your business in action! 

Contact #LRPjobs today, to become an "LRPartner" 

Fill in our contact form and the #LRPjobs team will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss how we can add value to your recruitment process.

We look forward to Partnering with you! 

Contact us for more information on Partnering with LRP for your Recruitment Needs: 

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