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Choices – life and career

If the last couple of years on planet Earth have taught us all ANYTHING it’s the importance of making the right choices and living our lives, personally and professionally to the max.


Your wellbeing matters.


Your career choices matter.


How you spend your time (on or off TikTok) MATTERS.


Here at LRP we know the importance of choices and that’s why when it comes to career opportunities, we pride ourselves in really connecting with our candidates understanding what’s important to them so that we can showcase them to the right businesses (and vice versa) that will align culturally, geographically and fast track them onto an enviable career path, for life, if that’s what they’re looking for. We have impeccable vacancies for multilingual professionals globally, whether you’re starting off your professional journey and just want to work for a worldwide brand and spend your weekends in the sun or already have a foundation and want to get through the door into the worlds of, Netflix, Microsoft and Airbnb.


Making those decisions can be a challenge – but not with LRP in your corner.


We’ve had the privilege of building relationships with the landmark BPO’s we’re proud to call clients and collaborators, and we’ve seen hundreds of success stories of candidates we’ve placed who’ve gone on to build enviable careers in a short space of time. Working for a BPO (jn a country of your choice) is a fulfilling, first rate challenge where the rewards and development opportunities are ripe for the taking. Is there hard work involved? Of course – but as we all know ‘easy’ doesn’t bring a reward and ‘easy’ doesn’t help you to grow. Think about the influencers you follow on socials, it’s relentless, inspirational work that gets you to where you want to be. Same here.


  • Multilingual?

  • Foundation of skills?

  • PC/IT skills good to go?

  • Know your Facebook from your TikTok?

You should be talking to us!


Building a career path with your language skills as the basis is the way into a professional trajectory that can take you to businesses who are not growing, but thriving and they’ll make sure you do the same. The LRP team are committed to two things – our candidates and our clients and we love the responsibility of helping BOTH make the right choices. In life we all need an expert or two in our corner, when it comes to making tough decisions about our careers – great news, we got you.


Think about:


  1. Where do you want to live?

  2. What would that “offer” need to look like?

  3. Who are the mega brands on your dream list of companies to work for?

  4. What languages do you speak/read/write?

Reach out to us, let’s discuss your answers and get your career and professional development on a whole new path.

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