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LRP Turns 10!

As Logical Recruitment Partners celebrates its tenth anniversary, what better way to mark the occasion than to raise a glass and take a walk down memory lane with co-founder, Tiffany Rogers.

Here the company’s COO takes us through 10 memories that still stand out as #LRPjobs mega moments in the journey from 2014 to 2024.


  1. Where were you and Marc when you decided to set up LRP and who came up with the company name?


I was on a cruise with my mother taking my grandmother on her annual holiday - at sea you could not get a signal on your phone. We pulled into La Coruna; Marc had sent lots of messages asking me to call him. He said we were going to set up a company and he had resigned for me from the company I was working for, he was setting up a company called Logical Recruitment Partners with an accountant, and we needed a bank account, I was to meet him the minute we docked in the UK.


I went for a lie down then had a gin.


  1. What were the early days of LRP like?


In the early days we were both almost feral! My food shopping regularly went to pot, as I couldn’t get to a supermarket (no online back then.) I remember saying to Marc “how many interviews have you got booked in?” – his response “57.”


  1. What’s one of the most surreal moments you shared with Marc over the last ten years?


In January 2020 Marc and I went to Athens in Greece to meet Teleperformance. Greece. I was watching the TV in the morning, getting ready for the meeting. The news said there was a virus in Wuhan, China and it was a massive concern. Marc’s comment: “don’t worry about it Tiff, it’s in China, its miles away”. 


  1. Where is the ‘strangest’ place you and Marc set up an office in?


We would set up office wherever we were – I’m talking planes, trains and automobiles – literally! I do remember once working out of the airport in Sofia, Bulgaria and being repeatedly told to “be quiet” by the other passengers – in their defence I DO have my #loudmoments J


  1. Talk to us about a memorable trip you and Marc made as part of a client visit.


First trip together to Greece in 2020. They were so open to ideas at Teleperformance Greece with their Ops Director, so keen to understand about best practice for sourcing, selection and delivering a world class candidate experience – total inspiration and PS:  I’ve never seen breakfast pastries like it in my life!!! 



  1. Over the past decade what languages have been the most challenging to source and hire? 


I once was asked to find a QA with Chinese, Russian and French. This is a true story, and you can throw any challenge at me, but this one really needed my thinking cap ON.


  1. Apart from this ten-year anniversary – what else would be a ‘milestone’ moment for you with LRP?


We started in the UK, built a nice foundation there but over time with our reputation, we were asked to work on EMEA vacancies, and this took us to a whole new level and to a brand-new community of candidates who lit up our interviews.


  1. What is one of the loveliest moments in the past ten years with LRP?


We’re really lucky here, we’ve kept what I call the “lovely” feeling all these years on – every time we’re approached by a new client, every candidate who receives an offer, it’s still as “lovely” as it was, back in the day.


  1. Where was the first ever LRP placement, who made it, when and where? A Telemarketer in Maidenhead, day one of the business. #anothertruestory


  1. Five words to sum up the last ten years at LRP, go! 😊


Relentless, funny, surprising, evolving and rewarding. 

We’re ready for the next 10 – bring it on 😊

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