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How to Keep Candidates Engaged and Protect Your Business

When a candidate suddenly stops communicating, it can be a big problem, especially for contact centres that already deal with high turnover rates anyway, so the last thing we want is to lose candidates along the way, down to them not being engaged in the hiring process. In this blog, we explain why this happens and how to avoid it.

Some of the main reasons candidates stop communicating with you are:

The Process is Too Long

If it takes too long to hear back after an interview, people might think you're not interested. It is likely that they are communicating with other employers too, so it's important to ensure onboarding is as fast as possible, or else they could lose hope and look for other jobs.

What can you do?

It’s simple, speed up the hiring process and keep candidates up to date throughout the onboarding process too, so they always know what stage they are at, and don't get impatient.

They Found Another Job

In today’s job market, candidates are aware of their worth to employers, they are likely to be communicating with multiple hiring managers or recruiters to see which opportunity best suits them, which means people get more than one job offer. If another company acts faster or offers something better, they will probably take that job instead.

What can you do?

In a contact centre, the requirements are simple; therefore, the process shouldn’t take too long. If the candidate is fit for the role, make them aware of it as soon as you can.

They Changed Their Mind

After thinking it over, some people decide the job isn't what they want. Maybe the role is no longer suited to them, or they don't like the company culture.

What can you do?

Be clear about what the job is like from the start; the expectations, salary, working hours, and benefits should all be clearly explained to the candidate. This helps people understand if it's the right job for them and avoid wasting time with people who are going to drop out during onboarding.

They’re Concerned About Relocating

Moving to a new place is a big deal. Some people get scared about leaving their home, friends, or family so could pull out at any time.

What can you do?

If the job means the person has to move to a new place, tell them all the steps involved. When people know what to expect, they are less likely to change their mind. Giving tips or help for the move can also make them feel more comfortable.

What Are the Impacts of Disengaged Candidates on Your Business?

When candidates stop communicating, it delays the hiring process, making it hard to meet deadlines. Some of the impacts on your business can include:


When candidates stop communicating, it delays the hiring process, making it hard to meet deadlines.

Team Morale

Current employees have to pick up the slack by taking on more workload and working longer hours, which can make them unhappy or stressed.


You've spent time and money on these candidates, and now you have to start over.

Sometimes, even the best candidates might stop communicating, leaving you with a gap to fill. This is where Logical Recruitment Partners comes in. We have access to a large number of candidates who speak different languages. If your candidates stop communicating, we can quickly fill these roles. This means you don't have to start the hiring process all over again, saving you time and effort.

By keeping communication open, being clear about the job, and having a backup plan, you can reduce the chances of candidates suddenly going silent. This will help you hire the right people more quickly and keep your business running smoothly.

If you need reliable and scalable recruitment solutions that are both transparent and multilingual in the BPO sector,contact Logical Recruitment Partners today.

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