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Retaining Talent in a High Attrition Industry: The Importance of Dynamic Job Assignments

Attrition is a major issue in contact centres, partly because the campaigns they work on could change to meet business needs. In this blog, we'll discuss the importance of employers clearly communicating this aspect in job descriptions.

The Impact of Dynamic Job Assignments

Candidates often apply for roles based on the appeal of working for specific company campaigns, such as Netflix or Microsoft. However, due to the business's changing needs, they may be assigned to a different campaign upon starting the job. This can lead to disappointment and result in attrition.

The Result: Attrition

When candidates find themselves working on a different campaign than they first expected, trust between the employee and employer can be lost. This is damaging, as trust is the foundation of any good relationship.

Areas of Concern

  • Campaign Assignment: Candidates may find themselves working for a different company campaign than what was initially advertised, leading to dissatisfaction.

  • Working Hours: Advertised working hours may change if the campaign is different, causing disruption in work-life balance.

The Solution: Clear Communication

The key to retaining talent lies in setting clear and realistic expectations from the start. Employers should consider not committing to specific company campaigns in job descriptions and instead highlight that assignments may vary based on the business's needs.

What Employers Should Include in Job Descriptions

  • Campaign Assignment: Clearly state that candidates may be assigned to different company campaigns based on the business's requirements.

  • Expectations: Clearly outline the day-to-day job role, regardless of the company campaign.

  • Typical Day: Provide an overview of a typical day in the role, without tying it to a specific company campaign.

In an industry with high attrition rates, clear communication through job descriptions is important. Employers should be upfront about the dynamic nature of campaign assignments to build trust and retain talent.

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