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Don't Trust Review Sites Alone When Job Hunting

When you're looking for a job, review sites might seem like a good place to start. They give you an idea of what it's like to work at different companies. But should you base your entire decision on what you read there? Our answer is no.

Review sites can be helpful; they show you what current and past employees think about a company, and you can learn about the work environment, the team, and even the salary. However, we think it is always best to base your decision on your own experience with a company.

Remember, a review is just one person's view. What bothers one person might not matter to you. People usually write reviews when they are very happy or very unhappy. So, the reviews might not show what everyday life is like at the company.

Reviews often don't tell the whole story. Someone might complain about the boss, but they don't say that they are always late to work. Most reviews only tell one side. The company doesn't get to explain their side, so you're not getting the full story.

Sometimes, a bad review comes from someone who wasn't a good fit for the company. That doesn't mean you won't fit in. It’s important to remember that your experience could be completely different and much more positive.

How Can You Use Review Sites the Right Way?

Check More Than One Site

Relying on a single review site can give you an influenced perspective. Different sites attract different types of reviewers.

Use a mix of general job review sites like Glassdoor, industry-specific sites, and even social media platforms where employees might share their experiences. Compare the ratings, pros, and cons listed across these platforms to get a more realistic view.

Look for Common Patterns

While individual reviews can be biased, recurring themes are worth questioning. If multiple people mention poor management or a great work-life balance, these are likely to be accurate judgements of the company culture.

Write down the good and bad things that many people say in different reviews. Don't let one unusual comment change your mind if it doesn't match what most people are saying.

If you see a mix of good and bad reviews, consider the dates they were posted. Recent reviews may be a better judgement of the current situation.

Talk to the Company

Reviews can show warning signs, but they don't let the company explain themselves. Talking to the company helps you hear what they have to say. Make questions based on what you read in the reviews. If lots of reviews talk about long work hours, ask about it when you talk to the company. Pay attention to how the company answers. Do they get defensive, or do they admit there's a problem and say how they're fixing it?

You can also use this opportunity to ask about any positive points you've read in reviews to confirm if they are part of the company culture.

While review sites can give you some useful information, they shouldn't be the only thing you look at when choosing a job. Use them as one of many tools in your job search, not as the ultimate deciding factor.

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