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How FAST & FIT FOR PURPOSE is your recruitment process? #LRBlogs

How FAST and FIT FOR PURPOSE is your recruitment process??

Want to know how fast it should be - REALLY FAST!!!!!

How fit for purpose? Well in our market, if you tick the box above, it's likely this one is going to be OK.


Here's an example:

We have a client that has asked us to find people for them, within ONE WEEK! Short notice right? Not if you move the way we do and have a GREAT Client to work with!!

We've already arranged 11 interviews in ONE DAY.

Let's say that again -

11 INTERVIEWS arranged, in ONE DAY!

"It's not just about bums on seats!" - Our Client (we love this attitude)

So, what works well with this client and how did we do this? Here are 5 steps that show how being an #LRPartner - could be so beneficial to your recruitment process.

  1. They listen to us and we listen to them. We take the FULL Vacancy Spec, over the phone, so we're going into detail on what these new roles will involve, not being sent them on a spreadsheet that has 100s of roles on it, but no real information. We're finding people careers, its' not just bums on seats as they say - so they deserve to know everything to make an informed decision. Basics right!? We think so.

  2. What next? We advertise, quickly! Through all our available channels (we won't tell them all, that's a secret!). But ... we always know when the client can interview, (this is key), so we can tell potential new employees this when we first speak to them, cutting out one stage of the process right from the word go, as they don't have to wait for an interview day/time to be confirmed.

  3. Rather than re-screening all our candidates before interviewing them, when we have combined recruitment experience of over 60 years ... (Yes, this happens A LOT!) ... we took interview SLOTS from our awesome client, in advance, and filled them. All of them!

  4. The interview is completed by the candidate's line manager, not by a "recruitment team" (as they quite rightly don't have or need one) - meaning the candidate buys into who they're working with, from day one! (lower attrition risk). See where we're going now? It's amazing to us how many people are interviewed by someone they'll never work with. When you think about it and say that back - isn't that HUGELY counterproductive when you've already got attrition issues? Anyway ... let's move on.

  5. They offer ... quickly! In a candidate-driven market when people have multiple choices, they don't allow strong people who will add value to their business to wait. At all. Why would they wait? They have options!


Millie says it best below (Have you seen the new Stranger Things!? Great right ... but that's another blog entirely!)

Want to become an #LRPartner and get your recruitment processes turbo charged by us too? Click on the button below to visit our website and find out more, or contact us directly via phone or email and we'll be happy to help you solve your recruitment issues - Permanently!


Phone: 0044 333 1218121 Website:

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